HERE I STAND! (with God, not Israel) Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

I LOVE Martin Luther, and YES EVEN his booklet “On the Jews and their LIES” – what a WONDERFUL book that was! My favorite part is chapter 14 lmao

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[I liked the summary of Martin Luther so much by Arthur Topham that I decided to copy the whole page from Radical Press.]

Martin Luther


[Editor’s Note: Not too long ago I read the story of Martin Luther life’s and work as well as the times that he lived in and other personalities of his day who were struggling to break away from the iron-fisted, tyrannical clutches of the Roman Catholic church. I was flabbergasted to read of the number of people who, once they were privy to the actual teachings of Jesus Christ (rather than Rome’s interpretations which the priests, up to that time, were feeding them), were willing to defend their right to follow the teachings themselves. Thousands of individuals ranging across the whole spectrum of society, ended up being burnt at the stake rather than going back to RC church and…

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No, The Bible Doesn’t Command We “Stand With Israel”

I LOVE THIS and SUPPORT this 100%!!!!

The Ugly Truth

jesus christ

PATHEOS – The biblical prophets are the last people who would seem “pro-Israel” because they were constantly rebuking Israel for bad behavior. And they didn’t hold back forceful language, either– some wrote that God utterly hated every expression of their religion because they were ignoring justice for the poor and marginalized.

On top of the prophets, remember that Jesus was executed as a traitor and a threat to Israel. CONTINUE READING

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Trump’s proposed $3m cut to Holocaust museum sparks bipartisan backlash

wow!!!! THIS IS GREAT!!! if it is true? wow!

The Ugly Truth

64 lawmakers demand federal funding of Washington DC memorial be maintained; ADL says cutting budget a ‘mistake’

ed note–will be very interesting to see how all the ‘Trump is owned by Israel’ types to explain this one, but we won’t hold our collective breath waiting.

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Is Donald Trump Trying To Pull The Plug On ISIS/Al-Qaida And The CIA?

The Ugly Truth


BLACK AGENDA REPORT – “The main actor in the proxy war is not Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, or Qatar – – it is the CIA, the other, and most important, godfather of Islamist jihad (…) Without the jihadists, the U.S. would have to resort to massive deployment of its own troops to the region — a mission that the American people will not accept.” CONTINUE READING

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Time To Wake Up News


"As Above, So Below." “As Above, So Below.”

World Trade Center in English Gematria Equals: 1110

The spire was installed atop The New World Order Tower, The One World Government Center….I mean “One World Trade Center” reaching a symbolic 1,776 feet. The Bavarian Illuminati were founded on May 1, 1776. Also keep in mind that it was already 5/11 World Time when the spire was installed. This is a Mega-Ritual my friends and it’s time to seriously Wake Up!! Please check out these very interesting and eye opening links that I have shared below…

Please *CLICK* Links Below to learn more:

“Illuminati” via Wikipedia

“One World Trade Center” via Wikipedia

“World Trade Center” via Secrets in Plain Sight ( Scott Onstott )

“Freedom Tower” via Secrets In Plain Sight ( Scott Onstott)

9-7-2013: New York’s new cavernous museum on hallowed ground: First look inside the National September 11 Memorial & Museum


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