YOU have NOT been told THE TRUTH about “The #Holocaust”!!! See website The “HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE” for how and why!


Originally my first comment on this website read as thus,

“There is SO MUCH ***REFRESHING*** “Breath of Fresh Air” INFORMATION here! Packed into this 1 GIANT webpage! I am, frankly, OVERWHELMED by all of it!!! “And you shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set you FREE!” <– THIS is what i am sensing and feeling and thinking right now as i skim and pore over all of the data and information in this 1 long webpage. I have SAVED the complete webpage to my cloud and local computer, and i have made sure that it is archived on the Internet Archive (but i did not need to – some smart person did that a year or 2 ago already!!! GREAT!). I hope everyone in the entire world at least tests their mettle by evaluating the facts presented here.
I am very thankful to all the people who first woke my eyes up to these REVELATIONS!
My FIRST EVER exposure to this topic was via the famous “Holocaustianity” video. And since then, I’ve ordered some books from The Barnes Review (and other places, like Amazon before they started “burning books”) like the infamous Victor Thorn (whose book Exposing the Holocaust Hoax) is now a FAVORITE in my new possession.
THANK YOU for this wonderful website and all the work you have collated and published here!”

I still stand by my review and comment of the awesome amount of work they have done there. I suggest everyone who reads my blog to please go read their work on CHECKING, REFUTING, and DEBUNKING all the various MYTHS AND LIES which ALL of us were told about the so-called “Holocaust” of the “jews”.



Alex Jones Explains it’s Not The Jews Destroying the World | Jack Mullen


The primary and glaring missing information in Alex’s presentation was there was NO MENTION of the Jewish Religion, especially Orthodox Jewry, which is the steering force behind Israel’s politics and driving force behind world Zionism (Talmudic Jewish Racial Supremacism) and Communism (Talmudic political/economic system for Non Jews (goyim).)

It is not the Jewish Race, which is attempting to destroy Western Culture and dominate the world with a New World Order. It is Orthodox Jewry, following the teachings of the Talmud and using the trickery of the Kabbalah, and following the operational plan of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Protocols), which seeks to enslave the world permanently.

Read more, here:

via Alex Jones Explains it’s Not The Jews Destroying the World | Jack Mullen


Putin warned Bush of imminent threat 2 days before 9/11: Ex-CIA analyst — Russia News Now

This file photo taken on September 11, 2001 shows a hijacked plane approaching the World Trade Center shortly before crashing into the landmark skyscraper in New York. Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned his US counterpart George W. Bush about an imminent terrorist threat two days before the 9/11 attacks took place, a former CIA…

via Putin warned Bush of imminent threat 2 days before 9/11: Ex-CIA analyst — Russia News Now

The Bruised Reed and the Smoking Flax — Serve Him in the Waiting

This is a repeat of a post I wrote July of 2014. For those who have traveled a long, hard road. -STL Reading the scriptures this morning, as I am studying on the Holy Spirit, prayer, and the church, by doing an exhaustive survey on the topics through the Bible, I was struck with the […]

via The Bruised Reed and the Smoking Flax — Serve Him in the Waiting

O ye who believe..Practice what ye preach

Amazing HOW MUCH MORE MORAL that the Islamic East is, compared to the SINFUL SODOMITE WEST (ie: America and Europe)… wow (and this article is 8 years old!)

Sufia's-eye View

Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all.  ~William Shakespeare, Henry VI

I am subscribed to a forum where marketing issues are brought up and discussed. Recently, someone brought up a TVC for a hair removing cream, which is reproduced here for the sake of discussion.

The comment made by a user on the above mentioned forum is as follows:

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this but Anne French is advertising towards focus on vulgar-make of a female. They are clear in asking females to wear less. Is this campaign in accordance with local standards of the country. This is the real impact area where the controls should fall in to decrease the mushroom growth of such moves. Mobile companies have played a greater role in increasing the chat habit leading to boyfriend girlfriend culture. When you hear someone say that country’s youth have gone astray please also consider yourself as…

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Basic Activist Manual for Becoming a Great Communicator by Ryan D. Hall

This is an article I WROTE MYSELF, in 2014, and was published on a friend’s blog. I am rather proud of it. Please check it out.


Basic Activist Manual For Becoming A Great Communicator With Online Social Media!

 Written by Ryan D. Hall

(Revision 2, February 23rd, 2014)

This is but just a smattering of thoughts I’ve collected regarding how to be extremely effective at online activism … no matter which platform you come from, or topic or issue you are passionate about, this list can help anyone (so, myself being biased towards my own ideals, I fully realize that I am giving out to everyone, even double-edged swords to use against me. Nevertheless, all of the “tricks” and techniques I have always learned how to use, all these years … are now yours).

Illustration 1: The Lincoln and Douglas Debate (sculptures) Illustration 1: The Lincoln and Douglas Debate (sculptures)

For many years now, though, I’ve actually been feeling extremely compelled to compile a list like this, and I’m sure I can give far more advice than just 14 items … But I…

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ProphetPX SYSPREP_2007 – My own preparations & personal procedures for renewing installations on my PCs, since 1997

Sometime around 1997, I wrote out a long list of things, on a public PC repair technician forum, of what i would routinely do when first setting up a new Personal Computer (PC). I kept that list updated until around 2007 where I just became focused on other not-so-techy or PC-related things. I later saved that public comment into a private document on my computer and then archived it away for the future.

Well, last week, I finally came back to that old document and I had a look. My, was it outdated! But I also thought there might be some good ideas in it, which are still very valid for today. So I thought I would share it, and partially out of a need for motivation of my own later updating this same list (of my own personal procedures for the objectives that I thought were either necessary to have or to achieve in order to “ready” a PC for the longevity of my own daily use, etc.), down the road.

So here is the list, in it’s latest form (almost no updates have been performed on this list since 2007, and if any editing is evident therein, it was only minor). I do intend on updating this list, at least as far as what i would have been doing since February of 2012 when I acquired (purchased) my latest PC in part-form and assembled it all together. Alas, the year is now 2019 and it is hard to imagine I have had my newest PC for exactly 7 years and 1 month already!

Stay tuned for an updated list of my fresh (post-OS installation) procedures — or at least, what I myself typically would have done or installed on a new PC, circa 1997 and later.

As you will see, it is quite dated, as the PC i owned before this current one WAS purchased in 1997, just after the era of Windows 95, and there are glaringly obvious details in this list dating all the way up past Windows XP and perhaps a smidgen of detail about Windows 7 in the last-most edits.

And, most striking of which, since the PC paradigm has now greatly changed since those old days, and now with the modern advent of Windows 10, and having had Metro apps since Vista or Seven, a lot of the software I have listed here is just no longer necessary for things I needed or wanted at the time, and so the “DANGER! CAUTION!” flag needs to profoundly go out to the masses, that a lot of the tools and apps on this list are now OBSOLETE and may be UNNECESSARY for use on any modern machine.

So, here it is (in it’s latest yet still mostly-original form, as found on a comment/reply on a public PC-tech forum), somewhat in outline-form:



What do you install after a Windows re-format?

… The ONLY person on here whom i can even come close to respecting is the person who says “5000 updates!” LMAO

ok now, Seriously … this is what I would do, and of course, a MANDATORY REBOOT between EACH itemized updated line.

BEFORE installing a Windows OS (of any kind) …

I. I first: *** ONLY IF NEEDED *** Update the BIOS of the Motherboard (very carefully) to the latest rendition

— I then install Windows XP SP2 Pro / SP2 MediaCenter2005 —
(My preferred user-editions of XP is so far the “XP SP2 9in1” compilation, I have yet to try others like UWI or make my own with BartPE or nLite)
(NOTE: I never connect the PC to any network at all, till way down near the end of my list)

II. Install / update the appropriate RAID or SCSI drivers during installation, then reboot (If I don’t have the latest ones on hand then I update them AFTER installation if I can find newer ones …

III. Install AutoPatcher (it is a substitute for going through Microsoft’s own Update site. It is wholly downloaded offline FIRST before I do ANYTHING)
A. AutoPatcher was officially DISCONTINUED as of this morning, TODAY (8-29-2007). But you can still find some copies floating around on BitTorrent trackers on the internet, as is here:
1. Last known AutoPatcher BitTorrent Tracker:
B. This list also includes:
1. Internet Explorer 7 –
2. Windows Media Player 11 –
3. Windows Defender v2 Beta (FREE) –
4. Microsoft’s .NET/FX CLR, versions: 1.0, v2.0, and v3.0
5. Windows PowerShell CLI
6. XP PowerTools
7. TreeSize Free
8. StartUpCPL
9. StartUp Monitor
10. DIR2File
11. SyncToy
12. TweakUI/XP
13. CopyProfile
14. PowerMenu
15. Windows Uptime Tool
16. IE SpellCheck
17. Google Toolbar
18. ClearType Tuner
19. Virtual Desktop Manager
20. ???
IV. Update Motherboard Chipset Drivers (includes Thermal instrumentation),
A. plus hardware info tools:
1. Ariolic ActiveSMART,
2. wCPUID,
3. Crystal CPUID,
4. CPUz,
6. Dimm_ID,
8. SoftFSB (for info only! NEVER ADJUST!)
9. 3Com’s Network Adapter Diagnostic tray applet + DOS config tool
10. HD Tachometer
B. Filesystem Drivers:
1. ExtIFS/32 v1.2C for linux ext2/3 filesystem driver, for accessing my other partitions that also use Debian Linux
2. SwapFS (for using the linux swap partition as extra Windows Swap Space)
3. CramFS (for using USB Memory Stick drives as a V/RAM booster similiar to Vista’s “ReadyBoost”)
4. ROMFS (for accessing the ESCD/NVRAM area of my BIOS CMOS)
5. GmailFS (for remote file storage on GMail accounts)

V. Update MS DirectX
A. Install the DX9 control panel applet

VI. Update Video Card drivers (includes OpenGL stuff, if needed). Right now I use Official ATI Radeon Catalyst drivers.
A. Also includes installing vendor and chipset specific tools and apps for that video card specifically.
B. ATI’s Catalyst Control Center
C. ATI’s DVD Hardware Decoder driver
D. ATI’s MediaPlayer app (which needs WMV Encoder 9)
E. ATI RemoteWonder (USB) RF/Wireless Remote Control installation
F. Rage3D Tweaker CCC (newest versions work with Radeons)
G. Install Promixis.NL “Girder” for more Remote Control use
H. Install ATI-Util
I. Install ATI-Tool
J. Install Sci-Tech GLDirect v5
K. Install EnTech PowerStrip + DPMS ScreenSaver extender shim
L. Register (RegSvr32): GDIPlus.dll

VII. Update all Network Adapter drivers
A. I always setup my LAN for static IPs with NAT and QoS forwarding from my Linksys NAS Router

VIII. Update Sound card drivers, including, after driver installation:
A. OpenAL
B. ACE Codec Pack (which includes FFDshow / h.264),
C. OGG/Theora,
D. MPC+ Pro (Thompson),
E. APE and MonkeyAudio,
F. FLAC support,
G. Aud-X,
H. FMOD/32
I. AudioShell
J. XVid and DivX
K. Matroska (MKV)
L. Selective parts of HellNinjaCommando’s OLD “DefilerPak” which includes Digital HD A/V/TV/content hardware tools
M. Vodei
N. On2 VP7 Codec
O. VobSub
P. TechSmith’s EnSharpen Decoder
Q. AC3 ACM + AC3Filter
R. Sony DTS codec (RARE!!)
S. WMV 9 Capture Encoder/Decoder
T. Cyberlink ATI H.264 codec/driver
U. ADAPTEC ASPI drivers (“install.bat install XP32”)

IX. Update drivers for ALL PERIPHERALS (this includes Parallel and Serial devices, and USB, whatever).
A. Installation of applications for handling my APC UPS unit (USB)
B. PC-Linq2 for my USB file-transfer cable system (it is like “LapLink” but different – APC brand)

X. NEXT I install any manufacturer-related software (the big vendors make their own tools for wireless, windows help extensions, display controls, and the like…). Laptops and consumer-oriented “factory preassembled” desktops are heavy-laden with big vendor brand software (and NO I am not talking about the extra “fluff” they install afterwards like spyware and “crap-ware” and junkware).

XI. NEXT I connect all Network and USB hubs, including my Raritan KVM unit
A. which then entails installing all drivers for peripherals detected thusly
1. (my KVM Switch doesn’t require any drivers, it just has updateable firmware) …

XII. Then my current list of preferred security solutions:
A. WinXP Firewall + ZoneAlarm Net Security Suite (yes, the total package)
B. and Anti-Virus (the latest ZoneAlarm switched to using Kaspersky code now)
C. and Anti-Spam measures (ZA includes Mail Frontier Anti-Spam filtering)
D. and Identity-Theft, OSFireWall, and Intrusion-Detection measures (using ZoneAlarm, again)
E. and Anti-Spyware:
1. the Zone Alarm Anti-Spyware scanning module
2. JavaCool’s Spyware Blaster,
3. LavaSoft’s Ad-Aware 2007 + RegHance,
4. SpyBot Search & Destroy – all updated
(currently I mostly rely on Zone Alarm’s Net Security Suite for handling ALL of items “a” through “d” and part of “e”, above)

F. HOST-file protection (programs: IE Spy Ads, and “No-AD Hosts”)
G. Phoenix Labs’ PeerGuardian 2 for spyware/trojan/advertisement blocklists, Unsafe/Restricted sites blocklists. (note: it is NOT just for “P2P users” ya know).
H. AnalogX ScriptDefender, a Script-execution protection tool
I. More System Protection Apps:
1. MS Windows Defender (updated),
2. HiJack This! for Diagnosis on web forums,
3. KillBox,
4. Foxie Firewall Suite for Internet Explorer, an ActiveX and script protection subsystem
5. SE Config XP,
6. Windows’ Global Policy Editor (most people overlook this one)
7. Glary Utilities + Registry Repair (very impressive!!)
J. Anti-RootKit tools:
1. GMER,
2. RK_Unhooker,
3. IceSword,
4. MS SysInternals’ RootKit Revealer
K. Sys Internals (now owned by Microsoft) “WINternals” and “PS Tools” stuff:
1. Process Explorer,
2. Sync,
3. Contig,
4. PageDefrag,
5. TCPview, etc …
L. Unlocker Assistant, Windows PreFetch Cleaner Control
M. AnalogX stuff: (BitPump, Capture, CallerID, NetStat Live, FastCache, ITR Client, etc…)

—- NOW I may connect the computer to the internet AFTER it is fully safe and protected and updated.

N. Messengers:
1. Pidgin IM (formerly known as GAIM) or Finch –
It handles ALL of the following protocols (except Skype and PalTalk) and many many more!
2. GoogleTalk AND GMail Notifier
3. XFire,
4. AIM,
5. Yahoo,
6. Skype,
7. “aMSN” (NO not Microsoft’s shitty MSN),
8. PalTalk
9. ICQ maybe
O. mIRC + GTS.dll + Protection Scripts, and maybe xChat for windows
P. DaemonTools (minus it’s spyware toolbar)
Q. Chameleon Clock v3, Really Slick ScreenSavers
R. Google Desktop Search
S. Weatherbug (some might not like it and yes it is Ad-ware but I like knowing the weather)
T. Media Players:
1. Artur Sikora’s “SubEdit Player” for subtitle editing (but by far it is the fastest-seeking mediaplayer out there and it uses WMP functionality to do so).
2. VideoLAN (VLC)
3. Miro/Democracy Player
4. Foobar2000
5. WinAmp + the following plugins:
a. DFX (registered – a must have)
b. AudioScrobbler for
c. Jump To File Extra
d. Monkey’s Audio (APE)
e. Thompson MP3+Pro (MPC)
f. Illiminable OGG Theora, AND OGM video support
h. IN_ZIP.dll (can read RAR and ACE too)
i. IN_SID.dll (retro C64 SID files)
j. ReplayGain exe
k. AlbumLister
6. Google Video Player
7. Checking for functionality with the “5iVe” (“FiVe or 5 V”) popular web video helpers: VEOH, Vimeo, VideoEgg, Vodei, Vuze (aka Azureus).
8. RatDVD + RAT Attack + MediaPlayer Classic mods
9. CyberLink PowerDVD (+ plugin for ATI RemoteWonder)
10. MediaPlayer Classic 6.4.90
11. BS Player
12. Zoom Player
13. Crystal Player
U. Hamachi (“LogMeIn”) for file-sharing
V. OllyDebug, PEID, and BPSoft Hex Workshop for exploring files
W. MS BootVis, MS User Profile Hive Cleanup Service (if not installed with AutoPatcher),
X. Archivers:
1. WinZip,
2. WinRAR,
3. WinACE,
4. 7-Zip,
5. UltraISO,
6. Floppy / BootCD tools:
i. WinImager,
ii. 2m.exe,
iii. FDFormat,
iv. MS CreateCD Optimizer,
v. Virtual Floppy Disk (VFD) driver
7. dos-mode tools like:
i. AIP-NL UltraCompressor 3 R2,
ii. ha,
iii. hap,
iv. hpack,
v. bzip2,
vi. arc,
vii. arj,
viii. sqz,
ix. acb
x. CRUSH v1.8 archive file optimizer
Y. CacheMan, GetDiz, CrapCleaner, Restoration, Recuva …
Z. Creative Element PowerTools

XIII. THEN I might bother with installing ANY / ALL “applications” …
A. CPU Fan/Idle, and Motherboard Monitor 5 for thermal events (which needs internet updates during install)
B. cFosSpeed v3 (for QoS/NAT/RIP+ Routing Priority Traffic-shaping on my network adapter when I am gaming/streaming/downloading/browsing)
C. Proxomitron, and Privoxy + TOR + Vidalia Control
D. I2P and/or FreeNet (if needed)
E. Browsers (with Mozilla-similiar products I use the “Modern Aluminum Theme” on all):
1. Mozilla Firefox – with Firefox, I use the following extra plugins and extensions at minimum:
a. AdBlock Plus
b. AdBlock Plus G.FilterSet Updater (I also used to use DutchBlock before it was phased out)
c. WinDizUpdate (another Windows Update clone)
d. NoScript (JavaScript website security)
e. DownloadThemAll (another download manager)
f. VideoDownloader
g. FlashGot
h. FoxyProxy
i. FasterFox for speeding up network connections inside FireFox
j. net bookmarking system
k. NukeAnything
l. ForeCastFox / AccuWeather Plus
m. Fusion/Fission
n. TabMix Plus
o. SafeCache
p. StumbleUpon
q. MR Tech Local Install
r. CustomizeGoogle
s. InfoRSS
t. FireFTP
u. WebDeveloper Extension
v. ImageZoom
w. PDF Downloader
x. InfoLister
y. GreaseMonkey + Platypus
z. Google Web Accelerator
aa. JavaScript Options
ab. The “Organize Status Bar” add-on (VERY IMPORTANT with the increase in FX addon bloat !!)
2. Flock with PhotoBucket support
3. Avant Browser 11 for MSIE, because let’s face it, both IE6 and IE7 are dog-ass slow and STILL BUGGY, take forever to start up, and it is just plain FASTER to use an app that USES THEM than it is to use the original Internet Explorer. Enough said.
4. Opera 9 with widgets,
5. lynx (DOS/CLI/ANSI),
6. NVU Webpage Editor (built from the ground up based on the old Netscape Webpage Composer)
7. BradSoft TopStyle CSS Editor
F. IDE Development tools:
1. Adobe/Macromedia Suite (PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, Flash, Director, ColdFusion Server, FreeHand, Audition, JRun, etc…)
2. Eclipse IDE, ActiveState Komodo, ANT, PHP_Edit,
3. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 + MSDN October 2005 Edition (perhaps – not necessary too much yet)
4. RegEx Coach
5. ActiveState’s ActivePERL
6. WinLAMP (includes Apache, ModPerl, PHP)
7. NetBEANS IDE for Java Development
G. Sun JAVA 6 (first removing Microsoft’s JVM via AutoPatcher, etc…)
H. Adobe (Acrobat) READER, FoxIt PDF Reader,
I. Thunderbird + Lightning, OR Sunbird (Email and Calendar apps)
J. FlashGet,
K. Software for System Optimization:
1. XP Smoker Pro v5
2. Dachsund Programs:
a. Anti-Crash,
b. Hare,
c. Zoom,
d. And if it is a laptop:
i. Battery Doubler
ii. JiggleMouse
L. DOSbox and D-Fend, WinVICE, Cloanto AmigaForever! and WinUAE, a ZIL app, and/or ScummVM … for cheap emulator gaming thrills
M. SandBoxIE, GreenBorders, Bochs32, VMWare (Server + Player)
N.’s Event ID#4226 Patcher (for more than 10 open ports via patching WinXP’s TCPIP.sys)
O. CableNUT + CableNUT Expansion (more .ccs settings for Adjuster) – this is for optimizing internet bandwidth.
P. PSPad, Aurora Editor v3.0C, QEdit/TSE Jr. 4.0, and NotePadPlus (hey, windows notepad sucks ok)
Q. PuTTY SUITE (pageant, etc…) + WinSCP
R. A 3rd-party Hard Disk Defragmenter (Raxco’s PerfectDisk, O&O’s, Executive Systems’, or UltraDefragmenter)
S. JPSoft’s “4NT” CLI and/or TakeCommand
T. CygWin/X
U. GNU shell utilities (WGET = I use alot! bash, tar, gzip, bzip2, ssh, etc…)
V. RealVNC, OpenSSH, RAdmin v2.1, Mikrotix’ The Dude, PRTG Traffic Grapher,
X. Total Commander
(probably more than this list however I can’t think of anymore right now).

XV. Important plugins:
A. Real Alternative
B. Quicktime Alternative
C. Adobe/Macromedia Flash,
D. Shockwave,
E. AuthorWare,
F. and SVG plugins
G. FlashGet for Opera (and Mozilla) plugin,
H. VLC plugin,
I. Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox,
J. MS Office plugin,
K. MozEx ActiveX for Mozilla plugin (used sometimes but DANGEROUSLY UNSAFE as IE is – you have been warned)
L. Microsoft SilverLight – If any of you like the new SilverLight by Microsoft, then this is another possibility to prepare for.

XVI. Other applications as needed:
A. Microsoft Office or Open Office (which install their own hooks into everything else)
C. Corel PaintShop Pro
D. eMule, SoulSeek, DCC++, Azureus, BitComet, AnalogX BitPump, BitTornado, XBT, uTorrent + updated ipfilter.dat,
E. TorrentSpy, MakeTorrent apps
F. CD/DVD burning applications:
1. NOTE: Regarding most Packet-Writing software for CD-RW’s and DVD-RW’s:
a. has always been NOTORIOUSLY unstable!
b. Known for MANY System Hangs / Crashes / Blue Screens of Death
c. I only install it for READING the CDRW’s I have already made over year’s past.
2. NOTE: Windows XP can burn CD file compilations natively, most people are just unaware of this.
3. Alcohol 120% (My preferred burner and imager, for simple things).
4. Nero Ultra (my preferred media creation tool for advanced things)
5. Roxio Media Creator (Used to be my favorite, for it’s unbeaten speed within earlier versions)
G. CDisplay, Picasa, Google Images RSS ScreenSaver,
H. TotalIdea’s FireTune (to tune-up FireFox before using it), and I miss the old IE ZAK
I. FLVPlayer, SafeFlash or GetFlash
J. A/V ripping / conversion apps:
1. GSpot,
2. GraphEdit,
3. GoldWave,
4. VirtualDub,
5. VirtualDubMod,
6. NANdub,
7. EAC (Exact Audio Copy),
8. dbPowerAmp AccurateRIP,
9. Tau Analyzer
K. RoadKil’s Unstoppable Copier, BurstCopy (for long file copy/move operations)
L. CRCheck32, SpeedySFV, md5summer, QuickPAR,
M. Naora Picker
N. The Godfather (the ABSOLUTE BEST FREE MP3 Library Tagger/Renamer/Organizer EVER!!)
O. Madotate v2.02, Windows Enabler, Resource Hacker, Resource Explorer
P. U3 Launcher for my USB key drive, which has the following portable apps on it:
1. Avast! Anti-Virus
2. Trillian IM
3. Medic-Alert personal medical information database
4. Find My U3 (a minimal Lo-Jack tracking / owner-alert system for lost/stolen U3 key drives)

XVII. (Then, ideally, this, my item 17, SHOULD be to make a Hard Disk IMAGE of all my system areas (ie: “ghosting” to an image file) but i have never had to do this very often yet. In a work environment however, this would be a strict need, beyond any doubt.)
A. I would do this by installing: Symantec Ghost, Acronis DiskImager, or PowerQuest’s imager…
1. Rebooting under 1 of those utilities or into a “LiveCD” whereas the installed Windows system is NOT running
2. Imaging all of the system areas to an external drive or 2nd/extra free/empty partition to hold the image file
3. Reboot the computer back into Windows
4. BURN the image file as a file onto a DVD 4/9GB Data disc.
B. Voila! System Functionality has been backed up, and now I have an Instant 911 Emergency System Restore DVD.
1. Possible later project ideas for this include making a Khauyeung-like BartPE / WinPE 911 “LiveCD” Restoration DVD
—– c’est ne finis pas —–

— ProphetPX AT Gmail DOT com


8 Reasons “Christian” Holidays Should Not Be Observed [like #Christmas ]

This article is a WONDERFUL and VERY CONSERVATIVE detailing of all the various HISTORICAL reasons why REAL TRUE CHRISTIANS DID NOT EVER celebrate ANY if not ALL MAN-MADE “holidays” such as “Christmas”!!!  THIS IS VERY GOOD READING!!!

For further research, google “The Scottish COVENANTERS”!

Read this article, HERE:

via 8 Reasons Christian Holidays Should Not Be Observed

xmas christmas easter billboard 23319016_10212438760738281_8356396881898519249_n (1)

More relevant #meme imagery:

How They Do it–‘Judaism contains the remedy for the orgy of hatred in the world today’

I LOVE this blog!
BUT… on issues like this? THEY ARE (at least partially) STILL WRONG. JUDAISM is NOT OF the Old Testament.
Judaism is ONLY from PAGAN BABYLON and the Egyptian Mystery Schools (aka PAGAN DEMONIC!!!)
THE GREAT FLOOD was a “mass genocide” BY GOD ALONE and IT was NOT WRONG.
NO JEWS were involved in the cause or origin of the GREAT FLOOD.
In fact it was SIMILAR PEOPLE OF SATAN (as the JEWS are) which was the ENTIRE REASON why the Great Flood “mass genocide” also wiped out EVIL PAGAN DEMONIC people.
THAT being said, when GOD COMMANDED that “nothing shall be saved alive that breathes” IT ALSO was a JUDGMENT of God upon DEMONIC people, JUST THE SAME as the Great Flood was.
So when the NON-JEWS aka HEBREWS came in to inherit that land, it was NOT because they were “evil jews” or that God was somehow evil or sinful (GOD CANNOT EVER SIN), it was because the people who were already dwelling in that land, were people that GOD WAS TIRED OF PUTTING UP WITH and that they were still doing DEMONIC PAGAN MAGICK SINS…. THAT is why they were DRIVEN OUT and “mass murdered” (it was NOT MURDER AT ALL, but JUDGMENT OF GOD).
You are no better than i am: a grass that withers and is here 1 instant and then gone the next.
A VAPOR IN THE WIND which lasts only a short while and is then dead and gone.
WE ARE NOT also GODS to question the judgments of the ONLY GOD!!!!!