TWO “Easters”? or 1 Resurrection of Jesus Day? WHEN in TIME actually ARE they?!

* According to WORLD HISTORY and current customs, there are actually TWO EASTERS…

But only ONE Resurrection of Jesus Day.

1. The western man-made tradition of “Easter”, CALCULATED according to the GREGORIAN calendar, and done so by WESTERN churches (Protestant mostly, though the pagan Catholics use this system too) which begins on the 1st Sunday after the full moon which follows after the Vernal Equinox of March 21. Calculating THAT DAY, you do like this: March 21 (or vernal equinox) –> look for full moon –> the coming Sunday.

2. The EASTERN man-made tradition of “Easter”, CALCULATED according to the JULIAN calendar, and done so by EASTERN churches (Orthodox) using roughly a similar system as above, albeit from a DIFFERENT starting point. And falling between 1-2 weeks LATER than “Western Easter”

BOTH of the above are STILL THE SAME ONE PAGAN “EASTER” (albeit falling on TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT days)

(i doubt actual pagans or heathen ever give a shit when “Easter” is, or what day it falls on, as long as they can have plenty of sex, pet furry bunnies, and eat candy)

So, when is the true day of Jesus’ Resurrection?

IN THE LINEAR FLOW OF TIME since the rule of Constantine, who REORIENTED the entire calendrical system by overruling the dissenting group in favor of the ROMAN group, that day has been LOST.

THAT DAY HAS BEEN LOST. THERE TECHNICALLY IS no “Resurrection Day” because all of the calendars were MOVED / JUMBLED around, circa approximately 300 AD (I am not sure of the exact year).

You might ask, HOW can a specific day become “lost”?

When people RE-FORGE the entire system of time, IN THE MIDDLE of ALREADY progressing time, and say “today is now day X instead of day A, and so this month and this year will now be Y and Z instead of B and C”, and when the rest of the country IS NOT PRIVY to such changes until weeks or months or years later (in the ancient times, just how often do you think people ever “synchronized their watches” (they did not have any — today we have ATOMIC CLOCKS to do that for us! THEY DID NOT!), well…

CONFUSION ARISES. And a MYRIAD of jumbled systems falls into the future.

And that is where you run into what is called “PHANTOM TIME”.

TRUTH be told, because of “the Great Calendar Conspiracy”, RIGHT NOW, this very YEAR, MONTH, or DATE… MIGHT NOT EVEN BE April 6th, 2015, but instead ANYWHERE between 2010, to 2020, the spring months being obvious but the ACTUAL DATE WITHIN those spring months, NOT being obvious, thanks to the meddling hand of Constantine and his confusing of the people.

AND THIS WAS NOT EVEN THE FIRST time this confusion of time and calendrical systems happened. It happened AT LEAST ONE OTHER TIME, in the middle ages, I think around 1500 AD.

Time and calendars are ALWAYS being adjusted and messed with by various potentates, kings, rulers, emperors, and the like… IN FACT, I can recall at least 3-4 times where past U.S. Presidents have ALWAYS FIDDLED with adjusting when Daylight Savings Time started, and when it ended… IS IT NOT POSSIBLE that those, TOO, have thrown off any semblance of “EXACT TIME”, since the very moment of the founding of the Universe?

MAYBE THIS IS MERELY one MORE REASON WHY JESUS SAID “NO MAN knows the day or the hour of my coming, save my Father who is in Heaven”?

(Aside, of course, from the most obvious reason: GOD IS SOVEREIGN and it is HIS RIGHT to keep that secret from us)



* This note is mostly just my thoughts, just very from memory / “off the cuff”, seeing as it’s been some time since I’ve actually reviewed the research material I used to have on this.


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