Christian Baptism of INFANTS & CHILDREN is 100% BIBLICAL and SCRIPTURAL, and NO, it is NOT “Catholic”.

The blog titled “Heidelblog” (published by Westminster Theological Seminary in California, professor R. Scott Clark), is, LITERALLY, one of my TOP MOST FAVORITE blogs on the entire planet right now, as it is EXTREMELY HELPFUL to me, in helping me to RE-LEARN what REAL, TRUE, and most importantly, HISTORIC CHRISTIAN FAITH, actually is!

My comment (as I just now wrote him), on that blog:

Dr. Clark, i seriously LOVE reading your blog!!!!

i came out of being taught too many lies in the “Charismatic” and Pentecostal /
“non-denominational” movement. In that vein, we were always taught that baptism was only for those who had, of their own “free will”, self-decided to take faith upon themselves and believe, and thus only in full immersion, negating any so-doing for children or any kind of generational covenant promise as is clearly evidenced in scriptures since i just now read this posting. Sorry i have never read much of Calvin before so this was delightful news to me, and especially since, at my own home church, I just witnessed the baby baptism of one of our family’s children according to the PCA method or tradition (albeit in an RPCNA church, because the family is military and moves around a bit).

PRAISE GOD FOR YOU, for helping me unravel this horrible tangled mess in my head that i thought was the gospel, but was not. Only now am i un-learning all the crap i was taught and re-learning the truth i was never taught.

sigh. THANK YOU for this!! And just for being you.

Please take the time to read what the historical Church Reformer, JOHN CALVIN, had to say about this topic of “PAEDOBAPTISM” (baptism of infants and children) into the Christian church.


Calvin Addressed The Same Objections To Infant Baptism That We Hear Today


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