The Time Has Come For Mass Study of the Torah by Gentiles

I CANNOT AGREE with MOST of this post, HOWEVER, THIS must be said:

The Torah IS A HOLY BOOK (5 books really). The “jews” are NOT AND NEVER WERE “God’s chosen people” … and JESUS THE MESSIAH, the Christ, would NEVER AGREE with either YOU OR the jews about any thing in this story.

To the author: WHY don’t you do more reading and study ON THE MESSIAH, Jesus, instead of focusing ONLY on the MANY EVILS and SINS of the Synagogue of Satan????

The Ugly Truth

ed note–a fascinating and important read on several levels.

Firstly, once again, it underscores the absolute and utter bankruptcy of the (flawed) position put forth by too many today that the Torah is no longer a substantive issue in Judaism, but rather that the Talmud (which these same experts argue is distinct and different from the Torah which they characterize as a ‘holy’ work representing ‘God’s word’) is actually the book that explains the root causes of the ‘Jewish problem’ as it exists today. Nothing can be further from the truth, as the Talmud is just a continuum of the teachings contained in the Torah and the two works cooperate with each other as do the 2 legs of a person walking from point A to point B.

Next, please consider some of the implications and nuances contained in this piece which give a better glimpse into the Judaic mindset–

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