The White House Is Back To Telling Jews That Time Started With Jesus

Trump Pushing Jesus on the Jews, via the US White House … TROLL-O-LOL-O-LOLLL

The Ugly Truth

ed note–it may sound like a whole helluva lot of nothing, but there is actually more to it than most would realize–

1. The visceral hatred which Jews entertain for Jesus and all things Christian. The document was signed in a (for the most part) Christian country and whose president–at least nominally–is a Christian. When the Jewish state signs its official documents, it does so using the Hebraic calendar and no one DARES complain about that. 

Also note–‘year of our Lord’ is the English translation of the Latin ‘Anno Domini’, or ‘A.D.’, which probably also explains quite a bit about the Judaic reaction against it, given the events of 70 AD by the Romans.


2. Trump–if indeed he is out to placate the Jews in all manners possible–could have omitted that phrase, and all can rest assured that the professionals working within his diplomatic community understood in an instant…

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