Homosexuality, Gender Confusion and The Spirit of Baphomet

WHY is anyone “gay” or “transsexual”, “queer” or ANYTHING #LGBTQIA? THIS is why! SEXUAL DEMONS!

Midrash Monthly

This post will attempt to reveal the link between the homosexual, transgender, anti-gender role movement and how they are linked to the occult god, Baphomet (who is also satan) as well as how this entire agenda is a collaborative effort by the elite to destroy the nuclear family as well as render the biblical roles of men and women obsolete.  Many believe that the Anti-Christ will himself be a sodomite. The information provided in this post will give greater insight as why the Anti-Christ may very well be homosexual and how this relates to the satanic worship of Baphomet. First I will provide a brief history of Baphomet worship as well as its origins and its increasing prolific presence in modern society. Once you understand this occult god’s prominence in Freemasonry, witchcraft and its importance to the elite you will also have a greater understanding of the push to remove…

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