Interview with a Candy Wrapper, the Lollipop Edition

There is a VALID REASON WHY #CruzSexScandal has been trending ALL OVER Twitter for the past few days… It’s REAL!

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It’s not often, I do a story myself.  I have a team writers so I don’t have to. This leaves me the freedom to investigate and track leads.   But this story is so hot, I felt I should do this one.

If you have been on twitter #cruzsexscandal has been over the top and widely circulated but let’s not forget the anonymous video released that promised if Cruz did not drop out his dirty secrets would come out.  I can say this day has come, given the release from the National Enquirer.  But Avenger has a leg up on everyone. Our anonymous source found one of the alleged escorts who Ted Cruz frequented.  Her picture released in our previous story is not how she looks today.  Let’s call her Jane Doe.

We were given the exclusive interview done by the detective that found her.  We will not disclose her real…

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